Apples of love.  Tomatoes came to be known as this, not because they were considered aphrodisiacs, but due to a mistranslation from Italian to French  The Spanish brought the tomato back from the New World and called it 'manzana' (apple in Spanish) as that is what they thought it was. The early tomato was yellow, so Italians called it pomo d'or—apple of gold.Since tomatoes are botanical members of the night shade family which does have some toxic members, some considered tomatoes to be poisonous. In order to distance the non-toxic tomato from that assication, they changed the name to pomo d'Moro (apple of the Moors, of the Spanish).   Not really sure why saying it was from Spain accomplished that but there it is. Later, a Frenchman touring Italy asked for the name of this unusual fruit and misunderstood it to be pomme d'amour, presumably hearing pomo d'amore—love apple. The misnomer rapidly spread throughout Europe and became synonymous with the juicy red fruit (it is technically a fruit and not a vegetable) to this day.


The tomato has also been linked to the Garden of Eden. Some consider it the other forbidden fruit. Even into the 19th Century, Catholics bristled at the tomato's erotic connotation and listed it as one of the forbidden foods for fear that even its mere presence would drive young church members into a lustful frenzy.


Today we know that eating tomatoes can increase sexual desire and performance. They help calm pre-sex nerves are also known for improving muscle control, a definite asset in the art of love making. Tomatoes also contain vitamins C, good for sex hormones, and A,  good for seeing color.  Most tomatoes are red and red is the color of passion so that's a good benefit.  And they also contain lycopene, which helps in fighting cancer.


The feel of a soft ripe tomato is also very sensual and many consider eating tomatoes to be gastronomic foreplay with their soft, sweet flesh and succulent juices.


Heirloom tomatoes (pictured above), beyond the red passion-colored ones, also bring visual eroticism to the fruit as their shapes vary and some can be quite suggestive in form.


In the past a sexy woman has be referred to as a "hot tomata".  That phrase was often accompanied with a rapid shaking of an open hand up and down.


Tomayto, tomahto.  Bring 'em!