Nipples of Venus.  Fruit nipples. Nature's Valentines.  Call them what you will,  strawberries have been touted as aphrodisiacs dating back to ancient Rome. They gained their reputation due to their heart shape and the fact that they have large numbers of seeds symbolizing fertility.


Strawberries contain more vitamin C than any other berry. They also contain potassium, folic acid and some iron and fibre, nutrients which aid in boosting libido by supplying energy to the body.


Legend has it that if you break a strawberry in half and share it with a member of the opposite sex, the two of you will fall in love. In the French countryside, there was once a tradition of serving newlyweds cold strawberry soup to heat up the honeymoon bed. I have never been a fan of cold soups but that one seems worth trying.


Strawberries are always good, but if you are fortunate enough to get locally grown, flavor-full strawberries when they are in season, eat them with abandon as their time is short.