if you are what you eat, why not make it sexy

I used to think that phrase referred only to the state of one's health. Not so.

One of the best classes I ever took was an illustration class. For one of the assignments the professor had each of us write down everything we ate for a week. We brought in the lists and he randomly distributed them to the students and then asked us to illustrate the person behind the list. The most remarkable thing happened. Even without knowing the person whose list we had, most of the illustrations captured the essence of the person and in some cases even a physical resemblance. Many even depicted the right sex. I was going through a difficult period at that time and the illustration of me showed that. It even looked a bit like me! I might add there was a girl who had a pretty 'hot' life and it showed through her food.

It was at that point that I took note of the connection between our entire being and food. And I began to wonder that if the food we prepare and eat is a direct reflection of how we feel and who we are, can the opposite be true? Can we affect our emotional state by changing the way we eat? The way we look at food?

Here I am, years after that class, looking at food from a sensual point of view, making myself feel good and hopefully making others feel good even if only watching the videos. I have never done a scientific study, I only operate from my gut: if you approach food from a sensual point of view, I can't help but feel it will bring something into your life. As one reviewer, William Belle of Oye Times wrote, The Well Heeled Cook sees food as "a sensual part of sex. [Her videos] serve as an overview of this woman’s creativity at the dinner table and while this may or may not have an effect on your bedroom; it may certainly change what’s happening at your stove."

That illustration class was one of the most difficult I ever took (even harder than probability and statistics!) as it required so much introspection, but I will always be grateful for that lesson on food. No sour grapes here!

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