The Power of Cooking in Heels. (part 2)

Food is the way we experience much of our social intercourse including sexual. To choose to seduce is an act of empowerment, an act of choice. What better way than to choose to seduce your partner than through cooking for as we know there is a great synergy between sexual appetite and the appetite for food. Whence the saying, “the way to a man’s heart is thorugh his stomach”. I actually prefer the German adage which translates to 'love is through the stomach' as it's more gender neutral. No matter how you say it, the pleasure itself comes through the submission to the experience.

So some of you, especially those who have been in a long-term relationship or marriage might say, ‘I tried to do something like that but when he got home he just went right to his computer or turned on the news.’ We don’t like rejection so we’re leery of trying it again. And if we are women, we don’t easily forget. However, I have spoken to men who say, “I would love my wife to do that for me.” So tell her!!! Arrange an occasion! I know that the element of surprise can be erotic, but I think in many cases it might be more successful if the man (especially) were aware of what was coming. Hey, just my opinion but let me know if you agree.

New relationships are a whole different kettle of fish (actually bouillabaisse is always nice) when the sheer ‘newness’ of the relationship (I call it the purple haze) can make almost anything erotic. So perhaps even if you are not such a great cook, he might not even notice. However, 'cooking in heels' to create an erotic experience around the aromas, tastes and textures of a sensual meal can fuel the senses.

But just a second! It’s not all about women cooking for men. One sure fire way to excite a woman is for a man to cook for her. And she can wear heels while comfortably lounging during meal prep.

Cooking a seductive meal is about more than just the food itself. Although there are foods with purported intrinsic aphrodisiac qualities, any food can be an aphrodisiac…it’s all about what someone likes, the feelings and associations it conjures up and how it’s served up. The presentation, the ambience you create around food and how you present yourself are all important ingredients. After all, men respond highly to visual stimuli. Heels not only make a woman look sexy and seductive, they make her feel sexy. Now I’m not saying you have to stand for hours running around a kitchen in heels, unless of course you want to, but it’s good to be in a high heel state of mind. That sensuality will hopefully come through in your cooking. We all recognize when something is cooked with love. Now stir in some lust.

Of course if you are cooking with your partner, you will probably want to don a pair heels as the cooking itself becomes the foreplay to the meal and whatever else happens.

When it comes to serving food, a pair of heels is definitely the right garnish. And hey, you’re at home, why not put on your sky highest sexiest heels no matter how uncomfortable they are. The farthest you may have to go is the bedroom. He might even carry you.

I have not done any scientific studies and am not aware of any (hence the new frontier) but I think incorporating heels into the kitchen is worth a try. Hey, you never know until you do.

There has been a lot of anti-heel press lately in the wake of Cannes - like anything wearing them should be a choice. And it is true that excessive wearing of heels can cause damage. So can eating too much meat or cream. However, there is no disupute as to the power of high heels. Pleasure is pleasure. And life is short. Everything in moderation. Besides, what more comfortable place to indulge in decadent stilettos than chez vous.

So next time you’re stirring that tomato sauce, why not stir up some desire. Who knows, maybe one day Sur la Table will sell stilettos!

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