5 reasons why cooking for someone is sexy

1. Cooking is a physical act of giving. You are taking time out to do something for someone else. You are putting thought into it even before you start cooking.

2. You are choosing foods that either the other person likes or will stimulate their senses. Both can be arousing either because you have done something personally thoughtful for that person or the meal itself is sensually stimulating.

3. Cooking well requires putting your heart into it. I have cooked the same thing when I am just getting something made and when I really think about and put feeling into it. The difference is palpable!

4. Certain aromas from cooking are arousing. They are either intrinsically stimulating like the aroma from some herbs or they may stimulate an erotic memory.

5. You are creating an occasion where the two of you will spend time in a shared sensual experience. Hence, the way you present the food and the setting are both important. A little music. And some fabulous heels couldn’t hurt!

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