The Pisco Sour


Leave it to the sensual Latins to come up with this chic, delectable cocktail.


When introduced to Pisco a few years ago, most notably the Pisco Sour, I found myself immediately smitten.  It is like a margarita but with more depth of flavor and refinement. Pisco is from Peru and Chile (I fancy the Peruvian). Its taste, closest to that of grappa, adds a beautiful complexity to mixed cocktails. Hence, instead of using simple sugar ordinarily called for in recipes,  I use Agave as I feel its own inherent complexity enhances the experience.  I also like to add the dirty ice (used for shaking) to the drink, also not traditionally called for.





Credits:  The delicious lime hat is from one few original and creative stores left in Soho, The Hat Shop on Thompson Street. Filled with divine hats of all kinds designed by its owner Linda Pagan, a visit there is a sumptuous treat.  The chic Gucci stilettos are the perfect understated garnish for the cocktail.





For Two


  • 3 jiggers Pisco

  • 1 jigger fresh lime juice

  • ¾ jigger Agave

  • ¾ egg white (use only fresh eggs you trust or if pre-packaged, that are pasteurized)*

  • bitters

  • lime for garnish


Combine Pisco, lime juice, agave, egg white and ice in cocktail shaker.  Shake well until foam is created.  Pour into 2 glasses adding dirty ice from the shaker if dedired.  Shake a dash of bitters into each glass.  Stir gently.  Grnish glass with lime.


*Since the egg white adds virtually no taste it is possible to make without it if desired.