The oyster is the icon of aphrodisiacs.  It has been rumored that Cassanova ate 50 oysters a day to boost his libido, and from an actual account from someone I know who experienced such effects, this may in fact be true. Oysters are full of zinc. Zinc controls progesterone levels, which stimulates libido. Conversely, zinc deficiency can cause impotence in men. So any food rich in zinc is considered to be an aphrodisiac.


There are conflicting opinions, however, with regard to the aphrodisiac effect of the crustacean. It may be that the texture, feel and shape of raw oysters closely resembles female genetalia. Or it may be the myth of the oyster itself  , as with all foods considered to be aphrodisiacs, that causes them to arouse sexual desire. After all the largest sex organ is between our ears.


Any way you look at it, oysters rock-a-fella.