Ginger, the root of desire.


Considered a strong aphrodisiac for centuries, it traveled the globe.  Originating in southern China, the cultivation of ginger spread to India, Southeast Asia, West Africa, and the Caribbean. In the Melanesian Islands of the South Pacific, it is used to "gain the affection of a woman". The Portuguese slave owners brought it to West Africa to be cultivated and even fed it to slaves in an attempt to increase their numbers, therby profits. Ginger is even mentioned as an aphrodisiac in the Kama Sutra, purporting that it along with other aphrodisiacs help with success in love. French legend Madame du Barry, fed it to all her lovers including Louis XV, to drive them to a state of complete submissiveness.


So here's how it's purported to work. Ginger's scent is considered a sexual stimulant that increases circulation making erogenous zones much more sensitive. When eaten, ginger is thought to increase body temperature and perspiration, effects similar to having sex, which to me translates to one of it's greatest effects is that it gets you thinking about sex. Hmmm something to ponder.