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Hi, I'm JB Manton, creator of The Deliciously Naughty Cook.

My signature recipe videos uniquely combine food, fashion and

a dash of naughty fun to create simple, sensual, romantic food recipes I call cooking with 'sole' 👠.

A little background on me:


Despite a childhood penchant for accordion playing and tap dancing (at the same time!), my career path fortunately took me to the visual, moving and culinary arts.


From award winning documentarian to award winning creative director in advertising to commercial film director and filmmaker, to web series/content creator, my career spans a broad spectrum of disciplines.


My culinary fascination began in college when Middle Eastern and Asian friends introduced me to spices...my mother used only salt, pepper and paprika! The kitchen became this magical place in which to explore, create and give pleasure to others. And myself!  My interest was further piqued after an illustration class I took where I learned you truly are what you eat.



My desire:


I created The Deliciously Naughty Cook to focus on the connection between food and its sensuality with the intention of igniting a love affair with gorgeous, guilt-free, delicious food. In fact, I consider butter a food group. My recipes are elegantly easy using good, real ingredients that favor the indulgent. And if creating such meals leads to other pleasures, so much the better.


Something happens when a woman, or anyone else for that matter, dons heels! You feel different. Powerful AND sexy. Now, I'm not saying you have to run around the kitchen in heels, unless of course you want to. Just put yourself in a high heel state of mind and have some fun!  Any woman can be a Deliciously Naughty Cook!


Back to me:


In case you were wondering, I now ascribe to the old British adage of what defines a lady or a gentleman: someone who can play the accordion . . . but doesn’t!