Chili Peppers

There can be pain with pleasure depending on how hot you can take your chilis.  Some create tingling warmth while others emanate fiery heat.  What ever your tolerance, chili peppers are considered aphrodisiacs as they trigger reactions in the body similar to sexual response...They raise body temperature,  increase heart rate even cause lips to swell. Most famously, chile was used a key ingredient in the fortifying chocolate drink the great ruler Montezuma consumed to excite his tongue and quicken his pulse in preparation for his daily visit to his concubines. It is purported that chilis' chest thumping ability is even powerful enough to be administered as an antidote for heart attacks!


Chilis help release endorphins, something we get as a result of extreme physical exertion. Endorphins create a feeling of pleasure and at certain levels create a floating, energized feeling that can be so powerful it is said that one could become addicted to spicy cuisine. Hmm?  Endorphins are also natural pain killlers.


There are hundreds of varieties of chilis each with its own level of heat and flavor. For example, chipotles have a smokiness, the scent of which can be arousing while habaneros are among the most hot making them a bit dangerous.  Oooo!


The heat of chili peppers is concentrated in the veins. To decrease heat, remove the veins before cooking.


How hot can you take it?