Who would have thought of celery as an aphrodisiac! Its origin as an aphrodisiac probably stemmed from its shape but since then it has been discovered that celery has various properties that might possibly enhance libido.


Firstly, celery has androstenone, an odorless hormone released through male perspiration. Androsternone is pheramone which causes arousal women. It is also thought that consuming adequate amounts of raw celery may increase the natural production of this pheromone and make a man sexually attractive to members of the opposite sex. Although not definitive, one can only hope.


In some studies, the chemical compounds in celery are thought to affect the pituitary gland which is the primary gland regulating the levels and actions of sex hormones. Other sources purport that celery affects the supra-renal glands which regulate the release of corticosteroid hormones like adrenalin and noradrenalin, hormones responsible for the rhythm and tonus of our lives.  It is even thought that celery in the right quantities may help alleviate hormonal imbalances which interfere with sexual response. The actual effect of celery in promoting better sex is still undetermined, but present studies are all pointing in the right direction, pun intended.


Celery also contains small quantities of essential minerals like sodium, calcium, zinc, iron and phosphorus as well as Vitamins like A, B and C. Besides helping with one’s sex life, the right body weight is also crucial for a healthy heart, management of diabetes, lowering of blood pressure and overall physical well-being.


Celery, as we know, is the iconic symbol of dieting but it is a low-calorie and high-fiber vegetable, good for shedding those unwanted pounds that could be inhibiting sexual activity. Knowing this could make us reconsider its appeal.


It would seem that it’s time to stop thinking about celery as a boring food.  Pass me a stalk!