AppleCider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar.jpg

Staying healthy is one of the sexiest things we can do. I think APPLE CIDER VINEGAR is an inexpensive, easy way to help do this as it does so many beneficial things! It helps you lose weight and belly fat, it helps lower blood sugar levels and fights diabetes, it helps lower cholesterol and improves heart health, it helps kill many types of harmful bacteria and helps reduce inflammation in the body. It helps balance the pH level in our bodies which enhances overall energy production and detoxification. I think it even makes my skin look brighter.


The vinegar should be raw and unpasturized and should say ‘from the mother’ on the label. Bragg’s is the one I use. One to two tablespoons per day is recommended either through cooking or diluted in water. I like to dilute it with herbal flavored tea. I also drink it with a straw to help avoid my teeth. And it goes right to the back of my mouth. But it’s good to rinse your mouth after so the acid doesn’t stay on your teeth. 


Apple cider vinegar may not be the fountain of youth but it’s definitely a splash in the right direction.