Almonds have been considered an aphrodisiac since Biblical times. Samson wooed Delilah with fragrant almond branches as the scent of almonds is said to arouse women.  Ancient Persians put almonds in with flower petals to perfume them before adding them to desserts infusing them with the sensual benefits the almond's wonderful aroma provides.  Today you can find many almond scented products, such as bath and body products and candles.


Almonds are considered the most nutritious of all nuts and are not only good for your sex life but for your well being. Among the many nutrients they contain, almonds have high doses of vitamin E, long thought of as the "sex vitamin" and magnesium, important for the production of sex hormones.  Alexander Dumas is purported to have dined on almond soup each night before meeting his mistress.  In India they use the kernel of the almond in treating premature ejaculation. Additionally, in Sicily, it is also used to make sweet liqueur and even almond-flavored wines, both thought of as having seductive powers (the alcohol might help).


Almonds.  Some nuts!