Highlights from The Deliciously Naughty Cook
JB Manton

Highlights from The Deliciously Naughty Cook

"[She] has deftly managed to combine the art of cooking with the art of seduction."

         –William Belle. Oye Times

Let's face it, food is sexy!

It is one of the great sensual delights in our lives. 

Creating beautifully seductive food is about cooking with

mindfulness, joy and lots of passion. 

My recipes are simple, often a bit indulgent and deeply satisfying.

After all, I consider butter

a food group.

I believe in getting the biggest bang with the least effort.

The better the ingredients the less you have to do.

So let's spice things up and get

deliciously naughty.

"People forget how sexy food can be!"

                  –Suzy Homemaker